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How to Choose the Best Car Insurance Policy

How do you choose
the best car insurance policy as a driver in UK?

Car insurance is a vital to have when
driving in the UK as it can protect you against all kinds of eventualities.

It’s important that you’re aware of the
different types of policies available so you can determine which one is best
suited to you.

Follow the tips below on how to choose the
best car insurance policy.

Types of Car Insurance Policies

There are three main types of car insurance policies available; each offering different levels of cover depending on your needs.

Third party

Third party car insurance is usually the
most basic type and therefore generally the most affordable. It is the legal
minimum level of car insurance that a car must have; it covers other road users
if you damage their property or injure them with your vehicle.

Third party, fire and theft

This type of third-party policy will cover
your car if it becomes damaged as a result of fire or theft.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive car insurance does
exactly what it says on the tin; it provides you with the most extensive form
of cover.

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You’ll be covered for things such as damage
to your car that is your fault, accidental damage and often cover for driving
other people’s cars.

Policy extras

Like with all other types of insurance, car
insurance policies don’t offer cover for absolutely everything; therefore you
might be expected to purchase some things as optional extra add-ons.

  • Legal expenses
  • Breakdown cover
  • Cover for a courtesy car
  • Personal belongings

Compare policy prices, premiums and excess

When it comes to choosing the best car
insurance policy, there are numerous things you should take into consideration.

One of those things is to compare prices
from many different car insurance providers. While they might all claim to
offer you ‘unbeatable quotes’, ‘best prices in the industry’ and a ‘no claims
bonus’, it’s important that you conduct thorough research before you make your

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You should also remember to check the
provider’s excess charges, as well as whether you have to pay monthly or
annually; each of these factors will determine the cost of what you pay for
your car insurance.

Lower your risk

A great way to save on your car insurance
and get the best policy possible is by reducing your risk when driving.

This involves ensuring that your car is
locked and stowed safely away at night, driving with caution and always abiding
the rules of the road and taking the necessary precautions such as fitting a
security alarm in your car.

The safer that your car is deemed to be,
the less you’ll have to pay for your car insurance.

Other ways you can lower your risk is by
driving a car that’s in a low insurance group, giving accurate readings and
details of your annual mileage and driving safely at all times.

Lower the overall price you pay

Car insurance can often be incredibly
expensive, but as it’s so important to have, it’s a good idea to be aware of
the ways that you can lower the overall price you pay for your policy.

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Paying for your car insurance annually as
opposed to monthly can dramatically reduce the amount you pay. If you pay in
monthly instalments, you’ll be expected to pay an interest charge every month,
which means you end up paying much more than you should. By paying in one lump
sum once a year, you’ll significantly reduce the amount you pay.

You can also pay to protect your no claims
bonus if you change car insurance providers; most providers won’t let you do it
for free, which means you’ll lose out on it.

The higher your voluntary excess on your
car insurance, the lower your premiums will be. As long as you meet the minimum
threshold payment of your insurance excess as set out by your provider, you’re
usually free to pay as much as you want for your excess.

This is a great way to reduce your
premiums, but you should only do so if you’re confident that you’ll be able to
meet the excess fee, should you need to make a claim. 

Conclusion – how to choose the best car insurance policy

Car insurance can be a remarkably expensive
investment to make, but it’s also one of the most important to ensure you’re
covered and protected when driving.

Make sure you shop around to find the best
car insurance policy and reduce your risk as much as possible to avoid paying
more than necessary.

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