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Ryan “Six Pack” Lapadat

Lapadat – a real-life Canadian hero. Donate a Car Canada is excited to be working alongside Ryan in an upcoming (heavyweight!) fundraising effort. Who is the man behind, in front of, and beneath the weights? And what does he have Read More

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary serves to rehabilitate and re-home wolfdogs. Who, what, and why? Yamnuska wants to “…encourage fellow passionate wolfdog lovers to take action for responsible wolfdog ownership.” They also advocate for wild wolf protection. Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary currently has 25 permanent Read More

International Day of Families

Every year, the 15th of May marks the International Day of Families. This observation, declared by the United Nations, brings awareness to the role of families in development across the world. The family is the basic unit of society, and Read More

A Cure for Mother’s Day

Guest Contributor: Codi Medieros A woman, but not just any woman. The woman that watched you take your very first steps and picked you back up after every fall. She drove you to every tryout, practice and rushed to make Read More

1990 Citroen Donated to WVTF

Most of the vehicles donated to our charities are common cars you’d expect to see in parking lots across the country. This particular car is rarely seen on this side of the Atlantic! This model used to drive the President Read More

Farming Smarter

Farming Smarter aims tosustain our land, water, soil, and farmers for the benefit of everyone. Farming Smarter is growing stewardship Farming Smarter makes a commitment to foster sustainable farming practices. For example, wherever they can, they will partner, research, inform, Read More

Dr. Jay’s Children’s Grief Society

Dr. Jay’s Children’s Grief Society received a strong donation in April. They are one of over 200 organizations to receive Donate a Car Canada gifts this month. Dr. Jay’s Children’s Grief Society helping children grieve Talking about taboo topics Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Read More

Vehicle Donation in Canada

Vehicle donation in Canada should be a simple and cost-free process. As the donor, you have several donating options. Check your options carefully – not all donation programs are equal in integrity or service. Donate a Car Canada is all-Canadian, Read More