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Spring Maintenance

Spring maintenance as a topic for a vehicle donation site should probably be about vehicle clean-up? But there’s something about the season that invites a check-in on other dusty corners. Digging in the dirt You know that February feeling: your Read More

Earth Day, Hooray!

Guest Blogger: Codi Medieros Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a Worldwide holiday celebrated every April 22nd to help support environmental protection! Did you know the annual amount spent on cleaning up litter is $11.5 BILLION dollars? And 50% of Read More

National Pet Day

Guest Writer: Mackenzie Irving Celebrate National Pet Day by with the North Shore Animal League People are great, but there is no one greater than our furry friends and family.  April 11th is National Pet Day and it is a Read More

Signs of Spring in Canada

Signs of Spring are everywhere. Between a few little cold snaps, I’ve spotted gophers, flies, motorcyclists, and the ultimate sign: our first robin! Rabbits and streetsweepers As I sit (on the deck…in the sunshine) rambling on, a street sweeper is Read More